EU decision to label nuclear ‘green’ is key to energy transition and autonomy

France has long been Europe’s standard bearer when it comes to nuclear energy and now other countries are following its example. With the recent European Parliament vote to include nuclear in a list of green investments, it is essential for investors to act quickly and support EU nuclear projects to ensure energy security, writes Timur Tillyaev.

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How Regulation Can Help Prevent Crypto Crashes

Attempts to suppress cryptocurrency now would only drive the market underground or into jurisdictions tolerant of its negative deployment. Instead, there should be an effective, global regulatory framework making cryptocurrencies safer for investors, writes Timur Tillyaev.

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Why sustainable investing is here to stay

The rise of ESG is not just a trend, but an essential shift in practices for responding to climate crisis. Human-caused climate change is real This summer the USA is experiencing a drought experts believe could be the worst for over 1200 years. The...

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