Timur Tillyaev is an international entrepreneur and philanthropist. His business experience and interests span sectors including energy and renewables, finance, logistics, consumer goods, real estate, healthcare and tech. Timur is well-known as the founder of Abu Saxiy market, which he launched in 2006 and grew into the largest commercial and wholesale market in Uzbekistan before selling the business in 2017. Timur is also a committed humanitarian. With his wife, Lola, Timur founded the You Are Not Alone Foundation in 2002 to provide homes, healthcare and education to severely underprivileged children in Uzbekistan. He is a supporter of a number of other charitable organisations and a keen promoter of Uzbek culture. Timur and his wife, Lola Tillyaeva (Lola Till), have three children.

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The rise of ESG is not just a trend, but an essential shift in practices for responding to climate crisis. Human-caused climate change is real This summer the USA is experiencing a drought experts believe could be the worst for over 1200 years. The extreme...

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