Lola Tillyaeva (Till)

Lola TillyaevaAn Entrepreneur, Wellbeing Activist and Philanthropist, Lola Tillyaeva (TIll) is the Founder of the Parisian perfume house The Harmonist. Inspired by the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, Lola established The Harmonist in 2016 with the aim to bring harmony through scent.

An inspiring voice in the wellness space, Lola published her widely appraised book “Be Your Own Harmonist: Awakening Your Inner Wisdom for Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-being” in 2020. In this self-care guide, Lola provides theoretical and practical information to support people lead a life with a physically healthy body and a vigorous spirit.

Originally from Uzbekistan, Lola and her husband Timur Tillyaev promote Uzbek art and culture abroad and have created Paris-based gallery Maison de l’Ouzbékistan in 2020.

Devoted to children’s education and wellbeing, Lola and Timur set up the You Are Not Alone Foundation in 2002 to provide funding for renovation of orphanages across Uzbekistan as well as quality education and medical support to underprivileged children.

In 2017, Lola led the Harmonist’s first charitable initiative called The Droplet, an interactive art installation designed to raise awareness about water scarcity and the need to preserve our earth’s resources.

Throughout the years, Lola’s significant contribution to philanthropy was awarded multiple times from receiving the Fashion for Development’s Leading Lady Award to the Global Gift Humanitarian Award at Cannes and many more.

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