You Are Not Alone and Chain of Hope hold video conference to exchange expertise between French and Uzbek medical professionals

You Are Not Alone and Chain of Hope foundations have held a video conference to discuss operating during the Covid-19 pandemic. The event was attended by specialists from Tashkent’s Pediatric Medical Institute and EraMed Medical Center. Professor Olivier Baron, Head of the Department of Congenital Heart Disease Surgery and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at the University Hospital of Nantes (France) was the lead speaker and discussed the challenges of operating during a pandemic with his colleagues from Uzbekistan. 

Professor Baron spoke of his 14 trips in the past 5 years where he had the opportunity to demonstrate complex surgeries to Uzbek surgeons, sometimes for the first time. “I will be glad to continue the exchange of knowledge and experience with my Uzbek colleagues on topical issues of cardiac surgery”, he told the conference.

Since 2019, You Are Not Alone Foundation has worked closely with the French association La Chaîne de l’Espoir (Chain of Hope), to bring some of France’s top surgeons and medical professionals to Uzbekistan. More than 130 children with congenital heart conditions have received medical operations and care through the initiative. 

The You Are Not Alone Foundation provides full financial support to the missions of French doctors in Uzbekistan, including for surgical operations and postoperative rehabilitation of children.